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Sick Tree Treatment

We can help save your unique to your property trees

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Sick Tree Treatment

Trees on your property have one thing invested in them that money can't buy: time.

Often times, trees that are underperforming or appeared stressed just need a little TLC.

There are a number of factors that go into growing healthy, large trees. Consider that struggling, diseased, or pest infestation is only a reflection of what's going on under the soil.

Nearly all tree problems start BELOW the soil line- you just see the negative effects up top. When tree roots cannot function correctly due to being "girdled", or overly compacted soil, or a lack of good nutrients, it begins to caused chronic stress. This stress then attracts disease and pests. Think of them as nature's clean-up crew for ailing trees. Reduce the stress, reduce the pests.

Our ISA Certified Arborists can diagnose and treat these issues at the true cause- not just treat the symptoms. This is all done in a 100% environmentally-friendly manner.

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How does sick tree treatment work?

In-Person Consultation

We will come out to your property to view and assess your tree. The consultation is for up to 1 hour with the Certified Arborist. They will take time to explain the nature of trees and how to best care for them. Additional time is available.

Diagnose the Issue

After a thorough assessment of your tree, we will provide you with a diagnosis and a plan for treatment. Our goal is to find the root cause, no pun intended, of any stress or disease the tress may be experiencing. When it comes to diseases, we don't guess. We send samples to Texas A&M Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory for confirmed lab results to make sure we are treating the correct problem. Our arborists are good, but there's no fooling a plant disease specialist armed with a microscope.

Provide Treatment

If you are satisfied with our diagnosis and plan, we will proceed with the proper treatment. Give us a call and let's get your trees healthy and thriving.

We have helped many landowners save their valuable trees.

Give us a call today and setup a consultation!

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