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Organic Lawn Care Services

Safe and effective chemical free lawn care you can trust.

We focus on building healthy soil.

Your grass, trees, and flowers aren't the limiting factor - your soil is. By restoring soil health, your lawn is able to reach its full potential.

Everything that we put on your lawn is designed to feed and repair the soil, creating a biodiverse environment full of microbial life.

Although it takes time to recreate healthy soil, you can see a noticeably healthier lawn within a few treatments. Check out the video for a great explanation of how building soil can benefit both you and the planet.

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What Our Organic Lawn Service Offers

An organic lawn care service is similar to other lawn care services except we don’t use chemicals that harm the environment, your pets, and kids.

9 Yearly Applications of 100% Organic Goodness

Healthy soil is one that is full of biological diversity constantly cycling crucial nutrients throughout itself to awaiting root systems. The result is a thicker, greener, more resilient lawn.

Our blend is loaded with beneficial microorganisms ready to bring life and vigor back to your soil.

Weed Treatment

Weeds generally become a non-issue in healthy soils. In the meantime, we hand-pull weeds one section at a time until it's under control. For lawns overrun with weeds, safe and organic herbicides are available.

Although hand-pulling weeds is low-tech, it's the only sure way to remove any seeds that may have formed in the weed. Additionally, each time a weed is pulled, the soil is aerated more and more. Persistence and elbow grease can create a weed-free lawn in a short period of time.

Soil Testing

We offer many types of soil testing, ranging from core samples to available nutrients, texture analysis, organic matter, and biomass.

What are the benefits of organic lawn care?

The soil’s natural cycles are restored.

Healthy soil is one that is full of biological diversity constantly cycling crucial nutrients throughout itself to awaiting root systems. The result is a thicker, greener, more resilient lawn.

The underlying issue is treated, not just the symptom(s)*.

Building healthy soil is the first step towards long-term success. Optimal soils simply do not have disease and pest issues. Much like ourselves, the healthier it is, the better it is at fending off sickness. Chemical programs never fix the base cause of the issues and simply treat the symptoms.  This is a biological issue that cannot be solved with chemistry. Organic amendments are the only way to achieve this.  You can't fix a biological issue with chemistry.

Watering is more effective and can be done on a periodic basis.

Good soil structure is paramount to capturing and holding onto water. It's very difficult for water to infiltrate compacted clay soils due to how tightly the disk-like particles are bound.  The water hits it and runs off, barely penetrating into the rootzone where it matters.

Soil full of organic matter is very loosely bound and the particles are irregularly shaped. This creates billions of pores in which water can seep into. Healthy soils act as a huge sponge each time you get rain or irrigate. Saving water and money is a win-win.

Your pets and kids are able to play in a chemical free environment.

Ever wonder why your pets and kids can’t play in your yard until the chemicals have been watered in? It’s because they are dangerous. But even after they have been watered in, they are still there below the surface.

Over the years, dozens of EPA approved chemicals have been pulled from shelves once they realized how incredibly damaging they are to pets and people's health.

These products kill everything in the lawn, then leach out in heavy rain or irrigation and start killing everything in its long journey to our oceans.

Organic lawn care, on the other hand, is chemical free and safe for your pets and kids. You can have peace of mind that you are not only helping the environment but you are also keeping your family and pets safe.

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Switch to an organic lawn care program and keep your kids and pets safe.

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Switch To An Organic Lawn Program

Minimize your impact on the planet, keep your family safe, and lower your water bill.
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