Green grass from organic lawn care

Organic Gardening & Native Species Consulting

We can help you start the garden of your dreams and discover native plant species that will thrive on your property.

organic gardening

Organic Gardening Consulting

Our organic gardening consulting service is designed to help you grow a healthy and chemical free garden in less time.

How does organic garden consulting work?

In-Person Consultation

We will come out to your property, look at your setup, and talk with you about the garden you are wanting to build.

A Comprehensive Plan

We will take the information from our meeting, do some research, and provide you with a comprehensive plan for your garden.

Start your garden the right way

Knowing where to begin is half the battle. We can help you set up your organic garden so you can begin enjoying all natural chemical free fruits and vegetables in less time.

raised bed organic garden

Get in touch for expert guidance on all your organic gardening needs.

flowers for an organic lawn

Native Species Consulting

Planting native flowers, bushes, and trees not only ensures low maintenance, but it also greatly aids the local ecosystem.

We can help you select the best native species that will thrive on your property.

Switch To An Organic Lawn Program

Minimize your impact on the planet, keep your family safe, and lower your water bill.
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