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We care about the environment and your family.

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Natural Texas Lawn Care

Natural Texas Lawn & Property Care is located in Waxahachie, Texas. We care about the environment and your family. Our goal is to create healthy, biodiverse soils that result in beautiful lawns, trees, and flowers.

By focusing on building soil health, we are able able to provide a safe and chemical-free alternative to "conventional" lawn care. This is not only much safer for you, the family, and pets, but also for the environment.

We launched our business in an attempt to slow the amount of harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers entering our bodies and our waterways.

We serve Ellis County and the surrounding areas with chemical-free lawn care, sick tree treatments, and organic/native plant consulting.

If you are looking for an ecologically friendly and family safe alternative to lawn care, look no further. Give us a call for a free no-obligation consultation.

Austin Rollins

Owner and Founder | Natural Texas Lawn Care

Natural Texas Lawn Care was founded by Austin Rollins out of a desire to change the way we look at “conventional” property care.

He is passionate about organics and ecological restoration. Austin is certified through the Texas Organic Research Center (TORC), and has spent years researching and applying organic approaches to all aspects of property management. He is also a board member of the non-profit group “Pollinator Preservation Project”.

He is a Texas Native, currently residing in Waxahachie. He has been there for 8 years.

His goal is to help our local ecosystem and keep families safe through organic chemical-free lawn care.

If you are looking for a safe alternative to chemical lawn care, let’s talk.

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Founder of Natural Texas Lawn Care


Texas Organic Research Approved

The mission of TORC is to provide research and information to homeowners, farmers, ranchers and other decision makers with the goal of helping stop the broad scale use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers which are currently being sold and used in the futile attempt to grow crops and control insect pests and diseases.

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Minimize your impact on the planet, keep your family safe, and lower your water bill.
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